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Le Delli Santi srls

Le Delli Santi srls

Le Delli Santi is a handicraft company producing accessories in stone hard, small mosaics to wear, full of creative intuition and manual dexterity, the all strictly produced in Italy.

From the recovery of chips of hard stone rich in properties and meanings meanings, Claudia Delli Santi and her family team produce accessories with an exclusive taste and above all infinitely customizable ... because every woman is unique.

The technique is that of "hand-stitched jewelry"; the chips are selected and sewn one by one on rigid canvas and fit together giving life to a kaleidoscope of colors in the most diverse forms.

The interlocking technique recalls the manual skill of the trullari as well as that of the craftsmen who make dry stone walls, typical of the Apulian landscape; these craftsmen work stone artifacts giving life to perfect and inimitable constructions.

The Delli Santi have made the same working philosophy their own ...skillfully fitting small chips with a transparent wire, creating inimitable and exclusive objects.


 The Delli Santi affirm their concept of luxury as creativity and craftsmanship and craftsmanship enriched by the individual style of each of us, that luxury that allows each woman to stand out in a world increasingly globalized and standardized by a homologated by a less and less personal taste.

These jewels, custodians of the power and vibrant colors of nature, are the result of an evolved craftsmanship, able to accommodate various contaminations, so the stone chips are bound to bronze, silver, fabric, wood, crystal, but are above all the result of expressive creativity unbound by any trend.

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