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Maglificio Santi Cashmere

Maglificio Santi Cashmere

Our story begins in the '60s when Mrs. Santi was making knitted garments made on hand machines, in a small village on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Over time, the company has developed with the inclusion of her children, making products of the highest quality, with passion and vocation to the service of beauty and perfection thanks to the teaching of its expertise of Mrs. Santi.

It is since 2000 that the company has taken on a new dimension with the birth of the knitwear factory Santi Cashmere.

The knitwear factory Santi Cashmere creates, for women's and men's fashion, knitwear of superior craftsmanship quality, accompanied by a series of accessories such as scarves, gloves, head covers, plaids... all produced with handmade machines allowing the tailor-made, with the most precious fiber in the world the pure cashmere. 

Our history and tradition have made us uncompromising about the precision of the finishes, washing, ironing, phases that we take care of with attention to the smallest details in our knitwear factory at family level synonymous with the true made in Italy. We offer our customers a service now unobtainable the art of darning that will bring back to new your precious cashmere garment, if it has been damaged by moths or similar.

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Clothing, Jackets, Dresses, T-Shirts, Knitwear & Sweater



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