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Paul Meccanico

Paul Meccanico


Our bags are animal-free. As a matter of fact, we use synthetic and tarpaulin PVC truck skins: no animal origin materials. Nowadays, millions of animals are killed to produce hides intended for the production of clothing and accessories. Many people believe the leather used by the fashion industry is just a waste product of the meat industry, but they are wrong. Selling to tanneries represent a huge business, especially since some animals are bred almost exclusively for their skin. Indeed, the tanning industry not only sacrifices cattle and sheep (both pups and adults) but also goats, horses, pigs, birds, ostriches, and other animals not used by humans for food.

Furthermore, it is impossible to accurately determine the number of exotic animals – most of all kangaroos, alligators, pythons and other reptiles – which are captured and killed to allow the industry of luxury to pack accessories and sell them at exorbitant prices.

Instead, we chose not to get on this cruelty ride and look for alternatives, which do not require either killing animals or highly polluting processes like tanning.

After months of researches and trials, we selected the synthetic leather and PVC trucks tarpaulin. They're durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

In 2016 we have also been awarded the Animal Free Fashion certificate as a fashion company engaged both in the animal protection and the spread of an ethical and sustainable production model.


Paul Meccanico bags are handcrafted one by one according to the production process that we keep on improving over time in order to make it more sustainable and efficient, yet not sacrificing quality.

Paul, our designer, deals with the design of the models and the realization of the graphics by using a special software: the time of the creation of a bag varies from2to4 hours, depending on the complexity of the piece. The graphics are always different and some models are composed of 12 elements.

Once the graphic is ready, it gets digitally printed on truck tarpaulin rolls or synthetic textured leather: digital printing is ideal because it allows us to obtain a very high resolution and an excellent color rendering. The printed materials are then covered by a protective layer to make them even more resistant to mechanical clutches, atmospheric agents and sunlight.

At this stage, the skilled hands of the Marche region craftsmen take part: they cut piece by piece all the items of our bags, then assemble them according to the plan of the designer and perform with care the stitchings, many of which are hand-finished, using a high-quality yarn.

A marriage between technology and manual work, creativity and craftsmanship, held together by the love for quality: this is how a Paul Meccanico bag was born.


Beautiful and functional bags, designed to walk with you in everyday life.

A bag is more than just an accessory: it is a tool of everyday life, every woman knows that. Lately, even men have been appreciating its usefulness, since they also deal with smartphones, tablets, and increasingly larger wallets.

Bags are with us in our routine, they may change in shape, size, and weight, but they are always with us. Therefore, it is important that they are practical and functional for our lifestyle.

For example, we love walking since we live in a great place: fresh, clean air, little traffic, no smog, no light pollution at night up to let you raise your nose and look at the stars.

On the other hand, if you walk or ride your bike along the road at night, you must be careful and make yourself visible by motorists.

The problem of knocking down people, unfortunately, has very significant dimensions: in Europe, every year, about 1,600 pedestrians and cyclists die run over by a car. The figure is more than alarming if we consider that maybe we're not all cyclists... but surely we are all pedestrians!

For this reason, we have had the idea of applying a reflector to our tarpaulin bags. It is the classic reflector, but it is applied on the outer edge of the bag: a detail of functional value, which also contributes to the originality of our creations because... we were the first to use it!EvenVogue appreciated the idea!

Does a reflector on the bag really increase a pedestrian's safety? Clearly, without the due attention by motorists and great prudence of pedestrians, the reflector is not enough, but it helps for sure.

The night visibility greatly varies depending on the type of light and the presence – or absence – of a reflector element.

Look at the infographic on the side.

At night with the headlights on full

beam: we can see objects and people WITHOUT WITH REFLECTOR

in a range of about 150 meters, but if they are equipped with reflectors, we can already spot them from 300 meters away. With the dipped headlights, instead, night visibility is 0 m      50m    100m     150m   200m    250m    300m very low and it's hard to realize the presence of a person on the road from further than 50 meters.


With a reflector, the visibility range

raises up to 100 meters. ConsideringREFLECTOR

the reaction and braking times, these differences can be decisive.

Just think about it when you walk.


We have combined the Marche's handicraft wisdom with the potentialities of new technologies: today, we are named makers, but we rather prefer digital artisans.

The digital craftsmanship is a new model of business; it is a philosophy of production and consumption based on the ability to invent alternative ways to spin the gears of the economy: it is exactly on this concept that we have built our brand.

Paul Meccanico bags are drawn on a computer,


We believe the biggest challenge in fashion is to find the right balance between beauty and functionality, especially when it comes to handbags since they are accessories almost essential for everyday life.

Size, depth, the arrangement of pockets and compartments, shoulder straps, handles, quality of the stitchings: all the details of our creations are designed to provide comfort and authenticity to those who wear them.

Each design is developed by our graphic designer Paul Albert Dari through a careful re-look job, re-interpretation and graphic processing. The underground style, the digital art, the pixel art, the optical art and the dreamlike and kaleidoscopic world of Maurits Cornelis Escher are just some of his sources of inspiration.


PVC is a very common material, but we get our bags from the PVC tarpaulin normally used for trucks since it is a kind of high-quality PVC. Each sheet weighs 650 grams per square meter and is designed to last for millions of kilometers. It is perfectly resistant both to atmospheric agents and temperature leaps (it ranges from -30°C to +70°C), as well as mechanical traction, rips and foldings. It also well supports digital printing since it is completely recyclable and makes the item look a bit 'underground': a peculiarity of most of our creations.


Paul Meccanico is a startup founded in 2015 in Sarnano, in the core of the Marche Region, among the valleys of the Sibillini Mountains. The idea was conceived by the fashion designer Paul Albert Dari, who cultivated with its spry team.

We produce 100% Made in Italy accessories and handmade bags, all designed one by one and realized in craft workshops situated in our territory: we have been very careful in selecting our manufacturing partners and we chose exclusively those who shared our philosophy.


Each bag is unique or produced in limited edition, distinguished by a serial number and a guarantee certificate.

We have worked extensively in the industry of accessories and clothing: we love the creative universe of fashion and we have decided to leave it.

No, it is not a contradiction.

In the world of mass production, each piece, although designed with care and passion, is replicated by a machine in endless-perfectly-identical copies, in which even the designer struggles to recognize the initial spirit.

It'saworld where we don't recognize ourselves. We want to get out of the logic of standardization and aesthetic uniformity to propose a new concept of fashion, which is based on the freedom to express one's personality and personal choices.

We were intrigued by the idea of going back to the artisan production and have control of the process of the item, from concept to completion, thus we wondered: is it still possible to survive in the market by producing unique, handmade pieces? In answering this question, we discovered another world of creativity, lightness, and innovation.

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