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Giunteria Carmen Sas di Carmela Signorato was born in February 1993 with about ten employees, all good and skilled women in leather craftsmanship in the world of shoes. All women who once sewed by hand in their hill house. It was the period where the "Made in Italy" still had great economic power and thanks to this, the company specialized in the production of uppers of medium-high quality leather and then reach the goal of a fine level. Carmen Sas had a productive collaboration with the Sartori Spa Shoe Factory, also dictated by the fact that Mrs. Signorato married in 1994 Edoardo Veratti, then a shareholder and then from April 2008 Chairman of the Board of Directors. A collaboration made both on a production level and on prototypes. Together we studied times and methods for more continuous and industrial production. We continued this collaboration for 25 years, passing beautiful and sad moments as often happens in this world. In the period of crisis that took place in 2016, her husband Edoardo Veratti took a difficult but decisive decision of the moment, which culminated in June 2018 with the separation from the younger brothers who managed the shoe factory together. The idea was to build a new goal of working life together with his wife Carmela, deepening the most targeted products to craftsmanship compared to large commercial medium-economic and industrial volumes. Hence the VERATTI footwear brand was born, from the two spouses who will carry forward with desire and ability in their business and craft mix in this beautiful world of shoes, facing all possible markets thanks to their experience gained for over 25 years. Surprisingly, as a feather in the cap, in the not too distant future, the brand VERATTI footwear can be joined by the production of accessories in leather goods, after research and collaboration stylistic external advanced, to improve the vision of the brand itself. "Courage will to do and experience .... Are our strength ..." "... ... the tradition continues ... ...."

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Shoes, Derby, Loafers, Sneakers

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