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Bruno Carlo

Bruno Carlo

Bruno Carlo is an Italian clothing and accessories brand based in Ventimiglia (IM). Founded in the 1970s by the Bruno family, the brand focuses on leather gloves, hats, t-shirts and accessory collections (stoles, ponchos, capes, scarfs and berets) made of luxury knitwear (wool, cashmere) and fine fabrics (silk, linen, and cotton) for both men and women. The selected materials have been carefully researched, and each collection has its own particular features. The common thread among them is scrupulous attention to detail, along with the company’s other cornerstones. On one hand, the company adheres to the longstanding fundamentals of quality and handcrafting that define the best of ‘Brand Italy’, and on the other, it is constantly focusing on the evolution of its style. Bruno Carlo exhibits passion and know-how acquired over 50 years with its Head & Hand, Knitwear, Mondo Pop and Man’s collections, ensuring that, besides their clean, flexible approach in adapting to the demands of the market and the companies with which it works, each handcrafted product is of the highest quality.

Its passion for style is a family affair. Three generations coexist in a structured yet lively company environment in which the point of view of those who have decades of experience and that of the people who have a look to the future meet and integrate daily. This results in a creative dialogue in which modernity and keeping up with the times never neglect tradition, and even cooperate in the production of garments in which nothing is taken for granted except quality.

Bruno Carlo’s philosophy, based on a constant pursuit of improvement, is shared across the company. The brand strives to create accessories to suit the ever-changing reality of the fashion world, while resting on the established foundations of quality, handcrafting, and tradition. Every single garment is marked by the careful selection of materials and colours. These distinctive traits are part of the design and artisan processes that define every glove, hat, or stole, showing the meticulous effort of those who love what they do, and always want to offer the best to their customers.

Company type

Clothing, Gloves, Hats, Accessories, T-Shirts, Knitwear & Sweater


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