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Company Type: Clothing,Jackets
Products : Men Jackets
Foundation Year:
Location: Treviso
Number of Employees:



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It is in the wide and complex world of men's fashion that the De Santi family finds its place.
At the beginning of the forties in fact, Mr. Sergio De Santi, Giampaolo's father - the current owner of Erato - was working as tailor with extreme passion and precision .
It was fatal therefore that his son, Giampaolo, was to become an expert technician. And it was thanks to his technical and entrepreneurial skills that in the mid-seventies he started working in a small factory, which he took over a few years later.
In 1986 Erato was incorporated and at the same time it was expanded, creating a production reality with a considerable number of employees.
The turnover has been constant and ever increasing .
The situation with the employees is also similar: around two hundred for an annual production of of eighty thousand "capi spalla".
Erato has achieved a good level of company flexibility over the last few years.
The company, in fact, manages both the production for third parties, the "commercialised" product, intended as purchase of raw material as well as the making of the item with the client's label (private label), and the sale of suits with the own company label.

It is the style that gives Erato its originality. Thanks to our flexible productivity, today we can boast a veritable "treasure" of models and styles, internally produced and able to produce in large amounts or personally tailored.
These are the tipologies of our products: Fully fused, Half Canvas, Full Canvas, washed e/o dyed in head.
The sewing on the front is the only difference. For all of the methods of construction, in fact, the sewing is on the right side of the item, (never insaccato), which is an important thing most of all for the fused, usually identified as "insaccato" and of bad quality.
When the suit is finished the tipologies look the same. They can be diversified for the quantity of hand made finishing touch.
In fact, although every item comes with armholes, under collar corners and front all finished by hand, on your request we can also provide the whole hand-made under arm lining and the under collar up to the complete craftmade tailoring of a sartorial full canvas suit. On that case we also make the shoulder lining and the placement of collar lining exclusively by hand, beside, of course, the arm lining and the under collar. If you wish, even the open sleeve end and the button holes can be finished by hand.

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Jacket - Art. Ertws
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Jacket - Art. Ertwo
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Jacket - Art. Ertco
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