VIAMADEINITALY, the global platform for Italian wholesale.


Our mission is to build the platform that provides global visibility to the excellence of Made in Italy by leveraging the instruments of the digital age; in so doing, help Italian manufacturers to promote their heritage.

Our History

VIAMADEINITALY is a digital B2B platform supporting Italy's leading manufacturers and artisans in helping them to find new wholesale customers in the world of retail.

At the same time, VIAMADEINITALY sets itself the goal to promote and digitalize the excellence of Made in Italy and provide generations of producers a global wholesale platform to present their companies and sell their products online.

On VIAMADEINITALY brands, retail shops and wholesale buyers have the chance to find an Italian wholesale manufacturer for their product needs and discover the high quality of Made in Italy. VIAMADEINITALY has the mission to cover all areas that represent the core of Italian Fashion and Design such as shoes, garment, accessories, leather goods, furniture and many more.

Made in Italy

For decades Made in Italy is the synonym for excellence in production, state of the art design and high quality products. Italian producers have developed unique techniques and skills over generations but many of them have unfortunately lost the pace with the digitalization of the global trade. VIAMADEINITALY is helping these Italian companies to get in contact with the world of wholesale, advertise their products and encounter new opportunities for their business.

Italy has always been the leading country in setting new fashion trends. No other country has such a long-enduring and widespread tradition of making beautiful handcrafted products with the utmost attention to craftsmanship. It is the goal of VIAMADEINITALY to promote the leadership of Made in Italy and provide Italian producers and artisans a global wholesale platform for their excellence.

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Our Journey

Viamadeinitaly has been selected out of more than 200 Start-Ups in Italy to participate in the acceleration program of Università Bocconi in Milan. The Bocconi for Innovation Accelerator (B4i) selects the most innovative ideas and the Start-Ups with the greatest potential to help them grow. The mission of Viamadeinitaly to support Italian fashion producers is in line with the ideals of Bocconi in the social and economic progress of Italy.





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