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ENG.: Classic double breasted suit with two horn buttons. The classic rever is replaced by a more minimalist neckline with a cleaner line that gives the garment a delicate cleanliness, the waist is slightly lowered; the side is smooth, giving the garment a soft and slightly "over" silhouette. The trousers are called Manny trousers those pants have an higher waistband with two side tabs, fastened one inside the other, adjustable, so there's no need to use a belt to achieve the perfect. fit.

INSIDE = The inside of the garment is made up of two upper pockets closed by handkerchief buttonholes and buttons, and labels that identify some of its characteristics: Above the internal right pocket we find the label of the fabric with which the garment was made; while under the internal left pocket we find the serial number identifying the single garment, and the "clame" of the brand philosophy; on the spur behind the brand label, while inside the left label, the size and composition of the garment.

Available variations:

1. V1 AG 90 FW21-22 BLACK : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

2. V2 AG 37 FW21-22 BLUE : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

3. V3 AG T.37 FW21-22 BLUE CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

4. V4 AG 65 FW21-22 GREY : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

5. V5 AG T.61 FW21-22 DARK GREEN CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

6. V6 AG 61 FW21-22 DARK GREEN : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

7. V7 AG T.14 FW21-22 DARK OCHER CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

8. V8 AG 14 FW21-22 DARK OCHER : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

9. V9 AG T.24 FW21-22 DARK PURPLE CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

10. V10 AG 24 FW21-22 DARK PURPLE : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

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