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Trousers - Art. MEIKO TROUSERS V2AG37FW21-22 - BLUE


Classic double breasted suit with large peak lapel with two horn buttons closure. The waist is slightly lowered; the side is smooth, giving the garment a soft and slightly "over" silhouette. The trouser had a double pinces on the front that open towards the side, the fit is comfortable, the leg falls straight and has the crease of classic trousers.

INSIDE = The inside of the garment is made up of two upper pockets closed by handkerchief buttonholes and buttons, and labels that identify some of its characteristics: Above the internal right pocket we find the label of the fabric with which the garment was made; while under the internal left pocket we find the serial number identifying the single garment, and the "clame" of the brand philosophy; on the spur behind the brand label, while inside the left label, the size and composition of the garment.

Available Variations:

1. V1 AG 90 FW21-22 BLACK : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

2. V2 AG 37 FW21-22 BLUE : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

3. V3 AG T.37 FW21-22 BLUE CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

4. V4 AG 65 FW21-22 GREY : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

5. V5 AG T.61 FW21-22 DARK GREEN CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

6. V6 AG 61 FW21-22 DARK GREEN : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

7. V7 AG T.14 FW21-22 DARK OCHER CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

8. V8 AG 14 FW21-22 DARK OCHER : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

9. V9 AG T.24 FW21-22 DARK PURPLE CHECK : 100% WOOL SUPER 130’S

10. V10 AG 24 FW21-22 DARK PURPLE : 100% WOOL SUPER 110’S

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