Together for Made in Italy: Expool & VIAMADEINITALY

For some time now VIAMADEINITALY cooperates with Expool Consortium and our team wants to thank EXPOOL for their trust in our project.
We sat down with the executive director Luciana Isidori to talk about our collaboration.

Can you explain what EXPOOL is and how it works?

Expool is a consortium of small manufacturers and artisans in the footwear industry based in the Marche Region in Italy.
The consortiums’ activity is to promote Made in Italy and help to increase the export of our member companies.

What kind of business activities do you organize for your associates?

Currently, we focus on web marketing activities, visibility on social media, and the reception of foreign customers.
Usually, we also help in the negotiations with customers who come here to source products from Italian producers and following all the work that there might be to get to the order delivered. Above all, we follow the startups of foreign customers that sell mainly online and want to produce in Italy.
The consortium used to organize trade fairs and other activities that now take place occasionally, because they aren’t that required anymore by our member companies.
The request from the members to go around the world on trade fairs has decreased a lot due to the high costs, so we try to find new ways to promote them.
And considering the cancellation of trade fairs due to Covid-19 we believe more and more in digital distribution channels.

What kind of difficulties do your associates have in selling abroad?

The main reason is competition from other countries that produce at lower prices, because now the first thing customers ask for, is price. Our companies produce high quality products Made in Italy, but they have less known brands, so they have difficulties communicating and gaining visibility.

What do you think about our collaboration?

We appreciate collaborating with you because we like new initiatives and we always give space to them, and most importantly we wanted to increase the visibility of our Italian suppliers.
The investment opportunities of the manufacturers are limited and therefore little resources are dedicated to marketing.
So we were pleased to work with you so that our member companies are present on a digital platform and create new commercial opportunities for them and connect them on a daily basis to international buyers.
It is important that they can focus on their daily work, which is the creation of high quality products, and at the same time without any additional effort receive requests from abroad.

Have you received positive feedback from your associates about us?

Yes indeed, we gathered positive feedback from our members. All of them received requests from international buyers and some of them already concluded orders and found new customers abroad.
Just last week one of our members sold 700 pairs of shoes to a customer in the US.
We hope that VIAMADEINITALY will continue its growth and help many Italian producers to promote their fantastic products in the digital world and gain visibility for their companies.


A special thanks goes to Expool and Luciana and we hope to be able to continue our work in the best possible way helping Italian manufacturers to grow and make themselves known around the world.