TARA GRINNA - Made in Italy, Sold in America

Jul 10, 2020


Please tell us a little bit about your brand?

Tara Grinna is a Swim and Resort wear brand which offers attainable luxury to our client. We have been in business 33 years and have 6 locations in the USA. We have been known for high end great fitting swimwear for many years ( Voted a top 5 swimwear brand for North America by Intima Magazine) and have recently expanded our offerings to include handmade jewelry, footwear, handbags, sunglasses, raffia hats and bags, scarves and foulards, a cashmere collection, a winter fur collection, and even some hair accessories all sourced from Italy. We wish to continue our expansion into Athleisure, and more winter offerings in the future. If you're going on holiday, we want to be in your luggage!

Why did you choose to source in Italy? Do you think your customers appreciate Made in Italy when it comes to shoes?

I think our clients appreciate top quality everything! And they appreciate Italian artisanship when it comes to footwear. We have sourced fabrics and accessories from Italy for many years and have created a cult following for our swimwear line. We manufacture in our own family run factory in South Carolina. Our goal has always been to seek the best materials we can and produce a quality garment which would compare to the best European brands but at a price most can afford. We want to continue this with all of our “Made in Italy by the hands of Italian artisans” offerings.


Was it easy to find an Italian wholesale producer for your shoe collection?

We were overwhelmed with how may options we had on your platform. We eventually found three manufacturers who were in tune with our needs, thanks to you, VIAMADEINITALY

Are you satisfied with the products' quality?

Yes! We have had a few small issues but none that we cannot work through and our suppliers have been so great to work with.

Are your customers happy?

Quite happy! They love the fact that we can offer them designer quality and unique hand made styles that they cannot find elsewhere.

How did you source products in the past? Did you attend trade fairs abroad?

We have attended some trade shows in France and Italy. Our offerings have grown recently so expansion from a swim only boutique to a full range resort department store has lead us to the search for Italian artisans online who can offer the quality we seek!

Will you continue using VIAMADEINITALY and source your products online?


Ankle Boots - Art. 950
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Decollete - Art. Cloe
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