Meet the artisan: Calzaturificio Lancio

Jul 09, 2020


Today we sat down to talk with Elisa from the Italian footwear manufacturer Lancio, our first ever supplier on the platform.

Congratulations Elisa, we heard that you have been recently appointed President of the “Gruppo giovani di Assocalzaturifici” Italians’ shoe association for young entrepreneurs. Can you share with us a bit of the mission and activities for the next years of your presidency?

Covid-19 has derailed a bit our plans for this year, but we have tried to keep faith to our mission of innovation, knowledge sharing, and synergies among young entrepreneurs in the footwear industry. During this period, unfortunately, we were unable to hold conferences in person that we had already scheduled, but we nevertheless we organized webinars that were very interesting and gave rise to brilliant ideas. So we are quite satisfied from this point of view, of course, this is a rather particular period, a period of concern but despite this there is confidence among Italian wholesale producers. We try to help the members by activating digital and stimulating proposals for the footwear manufacturers; and I hope we resume our normal activity in November, I really hope we will be given this opportunity.

Can you tell us something about your brand Lancio and your production?

We are based in Montegranaro, a small village in the Marche region, historically one of the largest footwear districts in Italy. We are a small family-run business and we produce handmade products for a classic man with a certain style and looking for good price to value ratio. We do not only work for our brand, that is Lancio, which is based on 44 years of experience, but we also work for other brands, and therefore we also produce in Private Label. We are now in the second generation after my father passed over to my brother and myself. I have been in the company for eight years, while my brother a few years more. He's in charge of the production while I mainly manage the wholesale accounts.

Which markets are most important for your brand?

We mainly work in Europe. We propose to our customers, both retail and brands, a fairly western taste with hand-dyed leathers, with milled and shaped soles, so a product that then on the market is in the medium-high range. Our main market is therefore the European one, but we also have customers in America, especially in North America, USA, Canada, and then something in Asia, Japan,

China, and Vietnam. But we mainly focus on the European wholesale market.

Can you tell us about your experience on Viamadeinitaly?

I have had the pleasure of becoming part of this new venture for a year now or maybe even a bit more. Initially, they studied how best to position the platform and attract Buyers, and now it seems to me that things have really started growing significantly. I am constantly receiving requests from wholesale Buyers who have brands or who are retail shops. Especially in this period of Covid-19, it has been very useful to start new collaborations and receive new contacts.

In the future, what commercial approach do you intend to adopt for your company?

In the last years many of the distribution channels have changed, some have lost their effectiveness and some have increase it. At this moment the digital channel allows you to be gain visibility to that range of customers who are looking for a specific Italian wholesale supplier; this allows you to save time to focus more on operational work. Many channels such as online catalogs, online showrooms, social networks or anything that may come to mind when talking about digital sponsorship, are currently a bit more efficient than traditional channels. However, this does not completely exclude the physical presence in the reference channels, probably it will be a mix of both worlds

Thank you Elisa for this Interview and we are proud to have you on our platform and that you believed in our mission from day one.


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