Meet the artisan: Caftanii Firenze

Sep 18, 2020

Can you tell us something about your brand Caftanii and your production?

We knew from the beginning that this project had to be 100% realized in Tuscany. We collaborate with a production 50 km outside of Florence, to whom we supply our fabrics, which are all exclusively from Italian suppliers, except for a small part that comes from Liberty London.

We started this project with the desire to make mainly caftans, as the name indicates, because in my opinion, they are synonymous of a unique lifestyle, a way to be always elegant, always adequate, and without too many frills. A passe-partout garment for many occasions, with an all-season material, since the silk or cotton that we use can be combined easily with cashmere. So we chose a product that is very transversal and that fits all ages.

Which markets are most important for your brand?

Today, the Italian market is certainly the most important one, because in our opinion it is essential to position ourselves well on the Italian territory where we are listed in very selected boutiques, this is part of our strategy.

Even though, the Italian market is our main market, we think there are also very good opportunities for us in the United States. We believe that our style is an interesting taste for the American customer and they usually love Made in Italy.

Something is happening also in Europe because we found some new customers in France and London, while the request of the Middle East are growing too but they have their traditional clothes.

Has this focus changed due to Covid-19?

Being a very small company, we have realized that it is important to move online. We used to be 50% online and 50% offline, because the physical presence is important for our brand strategy. But when an unimaginable thing like this happens, you realize that the online channel is fundamental. So maybe our next step will be to structure ourselves a little bit more online. Also because the boutiques we are dealing with are mainly in Italy, so if a brand wants to grow globally it must necessarily open to other channels. This decision has certainly been speeded up in the last month, because many seasonal boutiques haven’t reopened yet.

What commercial approach do you intend to adopt for your Brand in the light of the current market constraints?

As we said, we want to move more online, and it will require a greater level dynamism, so we will have to offer particular collaborations, special capsules, unique pieces; obviously all accompanied by a product differentiation that is different from the common logic of retail. So there will be a need for us to offer more products or customize them just for online.

Can you tell us about your experience on Viamadeinitaly? Have we been helpful in navigating through the crisis?

I also speak for my sister because we are partners in this project. As I have often told you, you do an extraordinary job, it is very important for our development. It has been a very positive experience for us because we’ve received a lot of requests. They are always related to a product, so in our case, they often ask us to do dropshipping or also Private Label. So sometimes unfortunately these are requests that we can't satisfy because we don't do it. That’s why we are still working on closing our first deal which is not so easy since we have a very narrow target of retail customers that are in line with our collection and positioning.

But seeing all this interest is very positive for us and gives us the energy to keep on growing and learning.

What kind of news can we expect from your brand?

We started the wholesale distribution in 2017, but the first season that brought us results was in 2018, so we're starting to understand what customers are looking for from us, like the most popular products; so we're going to specialize more and more in those products. Maybe we'll get a real online section for special editions. Step by step we would like to offer more dynamic products, offer new products, several times a year, with small capsules. There will also be some important collaborations, but we can't say more, we'll keep you updated.


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