An Italian Story: Roberto di Paolo

Feb 18, 2021

Can you tell us something about your brand Roberto di Paolo and your production?

Gaen was founded in 1994 by my parents. My father had already been working with shoes since 1972 because he had a shoe factory with his brothers that was closed in 1989. In the early 2000s, my brother and I joined the company and founded the Roberto Di Paolo brand, which in the following years was also presented as a Made in Italy brand at international trade fairs such as Russia, Micam in Italy and Japan.

Until 2011/2012 we worked with the Roberto Di Paolo brand, after the crisis in Russia we started working both under our own brand and for other famous brands.

Which markets are most important for your brand?

We currently sell a lot in Italy, Northern Europe, Russia and, something in the United States.

What does "Made in Italy" mean and how do you see the future for Italian manufacturing?

In my opinion ";Made in Italy" means quality but it is also a guarantee for luxury brands towards their customers. The manufacturing market, in the moment we are living in, is naturally dominated by uncertainty. There is a lot of uncertainty from both manufacturers and customers but we believe better days will come and certainly new opportunities once we overcome this crisis.

What commercial approach do you intend to adopt for your company today?

We are working a lot on digital wholesale channels, including your website. We are creating pages on LinkedIn, we are also working on Instagram, we have redesigned a new website.

We have taken this new approach because right now it is the only way to reach our customers.

Were you satisfied to have succeeded through our platform to have profits even in such a difficult period?

Yes, in my opinion, it was crucial that during a crisis like this I have found new customers. Since there were no trade fairs you presented a good opportunity for our company, before Covid and now even more so. I believed in it from the very first moment, Viamadeinitaly was fundamental for our growth because other channels are impossible to work with at the moment.

What kind of news can we expect from your brand?

We are working on an important processing project. With this, we will be able to offer fully eco-friendly products because there are no glues and chemicals used to produce the shoe. The novelty is that we are also applying it to sneakers.

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